Zirk©Technology is a young company that aims to link innovative businesses and industrial entrepreneurs who are active in the bio-based economy. Our goal is to generate synergy across the value chain.

Zirk©Technology has extensive experience in areas ranging from fundamental and applied Research & Development to the operational management of production plants. Zirk©Technology operates at the interface between the different stakeholders in the biofuels  and biochemicals field.

Zirk©Technology works closely with various partners to deliver the following products:

-     Consultancy

-     Project management

-     Product/ process innovation

-     Basic Research & Development

-     Technology development,

-     Design/engineering

-     Market research

-     Operational implementation

-     Commercial production.

Zirk©Technology specializes in the  development and implementation of:

-    2nd and 3rd generation renewable (bio)fuels, biofuel intermediates and by-products         (including biodiesel, bioethanol, glycerine derivatives, biopolymers, biochemical- esters, ethers, etc.)

-    Biorefinery methods and biomass processing technologies  (seaweed, algae, stevia, wood chips, and others)

Our Philosophy is:

Tomorrow will be what we make today.

Sustainable product development is today’s reality.

ZIRK ©Technology achieves this by using biosynthesis routes:

sustainable processes for converting renewable (bio)mass into a spectrum of marketable products



The purpose of ZIRK ©Technology is to contribute to an ecological balance in order to promote a cleaner and healthier world for people today and for the generations to come.

We are guided in this by our core value:

                                            Tomorrow will be what we make today.

                                    Sustainable product development is today’s reality.

We believe that achieving sustainability means simultaneously pursuing economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity, in other words, simultaneously creating value along the three dimensions of People, Planet and Profit.



Creating sustainable solutions for people today and for the next generations

We are committed to achieving sustainable growth by creating more value with less environmental impact via our innovations and services. To this end, we adhere to the principles of:


Reducing the negative impact of (running) activities; reducing the chain- eco footprint, ensuring that whenever possible our resources are waste (Zirk©onsult  and Zirk©ooperate)

Eco- effectiveness:

developing and designing products with the life- circle in mind (Zirk©reate and Zirk©ooperate).

We strive to develop value chains on a scale that supports the local and regional conversion of biomass to fuels and chemicals by offering a rewarding outlet for biomass to the farmer/grower. We believe that conversion processes should be conducted in compact small-scale production units, which are flexible enough to handle various biomass feed stocks while ensuring a constant quality of fuels and chemicals.

Utilizing the “local value chain approach”, we develop concepts and methods to facilitate (new) sustainable processes.

This results in new value chains with new and existing participants and ultimately in new sustainable products. (Zirk©onnect)

Above all, it demonstrates the Zirk©onnect principle in action: Only by working together can we reach break-through solutions for the future!


                                                   Next Generation Energy              


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